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Spare Cargo B.V. is the freight forwarder & customs broker, where you are welcome if you are searching for a partner for whom reliability and speed are of great importance. Thanks to our years of experience in the area of amongst others air and sea freight, we can always guarantee a problem-free transport to and from the desired destination. Our specialty is air freight, but we can also provide sea freight, provisioning, road transport, warehousing and packaging of your shipments.


Air Freight

We owe it to our years of experience in the air freight sector, that we possess just the right knowledge to secure fast and adequate shipping for your items. Our employees would be glad to discuss your wishes and the required transit time with you, after which we will find the best options for shipping for you. If you wish, we can also take care of all your customs documentation.

Nearly all export and import shipments are arranged directly from Rotterdam Airport for you. Daily trucks depart from Rotterdam Airport to destinations such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Brussels, Zurich and many other European airports, from which the freight will be flown to its final destination on the next day. If your shipment arrives at Schiphol and would you prefer to handle all business there? Then we are of course happy to assist.

If you have so-called ‘dangerous goods’ for shipping? Then we can assist you in packaging, labelling and documenting these ‘dangerous goods’. We have at our disposal several IATA certified persons who are able make the correct arrangements.



Sea Freight

We possess the right knowledge and means process both FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load) freights for you, for which we will also handle the customs formalities and transports.


A significant part of our customers are within the ship spare parts industry. As a result, we provide spare parts and other offshore materials for the marine and shipping industry. When these goods need to be delivered on board during a visit to a harbour, aside from arranging customs goods, we are also able to arrange the provisioning. This way, you only have to employ a single partner for both the delivery of your customs goods and the provisioning.


Road Transport

We of Spare Cargo B.V. arrange the pickup and delivery of your export and import shipments, which means we pick up your shipments on any requested address and also deliver to any address; both in the Netherlands as well as the rest of Europe. Aside from shipments of regular sizes, we also arrange exceptional transport.

Besides our own drivers, we also closely work together with several certified transport companies to ensure your goods are safely and fast transported from and to the requested destination. Of course, it is also possible to deliver or pick up your goods from our warehouse at Rotterdam Airport.



When you await the arrival of a vessel, or your freight needs storage for whatever reason, you can involve us to store your (bonded) goods in our warehouse. We have at our disposal a customs warehouse, which means we have the authority to store customs goods. We can also arrange, if you wish, temporary storage of goods (bonded goods included) which can be forwarded at a later date, in other words we collect your shipments and send them as a single freight at a time of your choosing.

Of course it is also possible to store several shipments until your order is completed. We have the ability to pick and pack your goods and send it as one shipment. With our stock list registration you are always up-to-date about the total stored goods in our warehouse.



If you do not possess the correct packaging materials to prepare your freight for air transport, then we can be of service. Whether it’s the packaging and labelling of a small box or the securing or crating of your goods; you can always contact us and discuss the possibilities. Even when it’s for the packaging, labelling and documenting of your dangerous goods shipments.